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Perform crimes, steal cars, gamble at the various casinotables, build up a steady supply of drugs, own objects, take part in several actions organized by the administrators and much more.



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Recent News

New changes, credits & VIP-Access  2022-09-18 9:55 PM

Hi all, good evening,

I hope this message finds you well?

After a tiresome weekend with two birthdays and with just arriving back home i finally got around adjusting the following changes:
1. The gym now is available for all players, not only the VIP-Players.
2. The wheel of fortune got a few adjustments. The 1.000 attack-power & 1.000 defense-power got removed and are replaced by 5 credits & 10 energy.
3. The prizes of the ad-clicks got adjusted. You'll be receiving 2 credits instead of 1. This will be given for each vote you complete. Making a total of 10 additional credits instead of 5.

Please feel free to make more suggestions about the changes presented above.

In any case, i hope you guys and girls are well and feel free to reply to this message. I hope you had a wonderful weekend too.

Greetings, halpharilium
Page with locations NPC's is created  2022-09-16 12:20 PM

Hi all,

I hope this message finds you well?

The promised page which lists the current available NPC's complete with their locations is created. Find it under the neightbourhood heading.

Also, please note their names are changed. These names are provided by the community and a proper "thank you" has been awarded to those who submitted their suggestions.

If you have any more suggestions then please feel free to share them with me. If it will fit it certainly will be looked into.

Happy hunting!

Greetings, Halpharilium
Treasure Hunt Event Started  2022-08-26 12:51 AM

Hi all,

This systemnotification is to inform you that the first Treasure Hunt Event during the current evaluation-period is just started. Throughout this event you'll be noticing small icons popping up while playing. When clicking these images (labled as a string of vague text for screenreaders) you'll be able to find small rewards.

See for additional information about the current setting of the Treasure Hunt the Treasure Hunt page located under the General heading.

Additionally, for this event there are 4 NPC's roaming around in the world. They already made their entrance into our minichat. Try to communicate with them and ask them questions. Also try to bully them a little. It is roleplaying after all. But please keep the bullieing preserved for the following 4 accounts:
- el_chapo
- el_mayo
- juan-jose
- hector_palma

Should you wish to give your bullieing some extra pressure, ask them on where they are hanging around, probably they'll tell you. Give them time though, cause they are busely searching for their lost cash.

If you have any questions, then please feel free to reach out to me (halpharilium) and i'll help as best i can.

I'd like to wish anyone great fun during this Treasure Hunt Event!

Sincerely yours, crew
First Treasure Hunt almost upon us  2022-08-25 11:21 AM

Hi all,

I hope this newsarticle finds you well? Also i am hoping that you still are enjoying the redesigned

Several of you might have noticed the reappearing of the Treasure Hunt page under the General heading while logged in. This does mean the first Treasure Hunt of this evaluation-period is almost upon us. I will share the text in this article cause the text is only viewable when you're logged in.

Treasure Hunt page-text:
It is Friday, August the 26th. A great disaster did happen for Cartel de Sinaloa. While on transit to a new country they could exploid in an airplane loaded with suitcases filled with money the airplane encountered a violent storm. As a result several suitcases sprang open and millions of Amerikan Dollars were blown away on the wind.

Luck has it's way though, cause the airplane was flying above Europe. While Cartel de Sinaloa hastely tried to land their airplane several members of the Vandettacrime-clans started to find batches of cash. Be brave and stay lucky. Cause from August the 26th till september the 5th small stacks of cash will appear throughout the game. The origin we know is Cartel de Sinaloa, but who knows where they got it from?

In any case, stay vigilant, cause the leadership of the Cartel de Sinaloa will pop up every so often and try to find out what's going on. They will be using our minichat for this. A nice oppertunity to learn more about their operations right?

Note: When the following accounts show up they will be speaking to you in a roleplay-fashion. The accounts being used for this roleplaying are:
- el_chapo,
- el_mayo,
- Juan_jose,
- Hector_palma.

We want to wish you great fun during this first treasure-hunt!
--- end of page-text ---

We want to wish you all indeed a very enjoyable Treasure Hunt and don't forget to keep the stacks of money for yourself when found.

Should you have any questions on how this event will work for you don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Sincerely yours, crew
Welcome back, a public testing-period starts  2022-08-21 7:52 PM

Hi there,

I want to wish you a warm welcome to the redesigned As you probably remember is it well over a year that went down. In the meantime, over a period of the last few months we have been working on the game again. With the re-launch of the game several drastic changes are made to ensure each and every one of you will have a much fairer playing-experience.

Note: This round is for us to see if any corrections need to be made before an official round is launched. You can help us by playing and to voice any strange behaviour in the game. No prizes will be handed out at the end of this period.
Note 2: Please give the tos & rules a careful readthrough again.

One of the drastic changes is that a system of energy is being introduced. It won't be possible anymore to keep stacking up activities indefinately all day. Every player will have an amount of 20 base-energy points which can be spent by doing the game's activities. Every 5 real-world minutes an energy-point will be recovered. This also will happen while being offline. This system will ensure a more laid-back atmosphere in which the game can be enjoyed as it should be according to our views for the game.

Also, the waiting-times are somewhat changed to be more in line with the system of energy. There won't be hyperactive-clicking between activities anymore. In the past a few players left the community cause the game was to time-consuming which in turn led to be bad for their health. With the longer waiting times in addition to the energy-bar we hope the game will be more healthy for everyone to play again.

The red-light district for the upcoming time will be deactivated and is replaced by robberies. The robberies can reward you cash as well as bags of drugs. But failing this activitie can yield not only in prison-time, but also in a slight decrease of your health. Keep a close eye on your healthbar and visit a hospital frequently. We don't want you to die during a robbery.

There also has been some swapping between activities for every player and activities specially reserved for vip-players. For example: The gym was an activitie which was free for all. Right now it is preserved for vip-players. There are some other advantages which became vip-related and i invite anyone to message me to obtain the full list.

The activitie known as: "mysterious packages", is relocated from the eiffeltower in France to the Empire State building in the USA.

The rewards in the form of free credits is drastically brought back and the credit-currency is now a donator-currency again. Not a second currency in addition to the game-euro.

The pound-currency is changed to the euro-currency.

Prices in the exchange-office are brought more in line with the credit-economy we have in mind.

The external Mafia-shop is recreated and offers more fair credit-packages then before. The manual addition of these packages to your account is still required by us.

A drastic alteration of the game's countries toke place. All countries (The max of 50 are in place) do have a special activitie or are aligned with europe in some way.

The available prizes which can be won by spinning the wheel of fortune are changed so they are more in line with the new game.

Families got a drastic change. Right now multiple ways of playing are available. Surface won't be the soul-way of ensuring your victory anymore. Currently observing results.

My username is changed from pelantas to halpharilium.

The adclicks got a resolute fix as well. When you click one of the buttons labled: "1 button" up till "5 button" you'll be linked to one of the toplists is listed. These toplists now provide a way of completing your vote for the game that is blind accessible. I certainly would like to request you completing the vote-process cause this will make the game more known. And this in turn leads more new players to our doorstep giving more fun.

The domain is corrected from to

As is mentioned above. This period of time in which the game is opened up again to the public has a testing purpose. Should you discover anything out of the ordinary or behaviour from the game that will require some additional tweaking, feel free to reach out.

Again our warm welcome and we want to wish you endless hours of fun.

Sincerely yours, Crew


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